Platinum offers the broadest range of safe and effective concrete and masonry solutions for parking structures.

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Parking Structure Services

Post Tensioning Cable Repairs In-Situ

Platinum provides full post-tensioning replacement, minimizing construction schedules with our in-house-engineered shoring capabilities and providing owners with a monolithic blockout of more than 60 anchors. This increases the longevity of the parking structure, while minimizing yearly maintenance.

Barrier Cables

Protect structures with a comprehensive, engineered barrier cable system.


We offer engineered shoring solutions with our in-house expertise and equipment to meet your individual project needs.

Cathodic Protection

Platinum provides complete cathodic protection solutions for protecting parking structures.

  • Galvanic anodes
  • Award-winning impressed current systems

Corrosion Monitoring

We offer corrosion monitoring services for parking structures, which need to be continually observed to prevent further deterioration and reduce future repair costs.

Heat Trace in Concrete

Platinum offers complete turnkey heat tracing solutions, including design, equipment and installation. Whether your firewater piping and drains need heat tracing or you require heat trace in concrete to prevent icing, Platinum can deliver.

Hydro Demolition

Platinum uses the most advanced demolition equipment to streamline the construction process and reduce total construction time.

Slip-Resistant Coatings

Our proprietary slip-resistant coatings help eliminate fall hazards on stairwells, walkways and traffic coatings. Our coatings are certified per ANSI standard for slip-resistant surfaces.

New York Local Law 126 of 2021 | Article 323 of Title 28 NYC Administrative Code

For parking structures required to comply with New York Local Law 126, our industry partners can help facilitate the inspection process to immediately and quickly address any concerns, allowing your garage to remain open. Our emergency team can shore, repair and manage the process to maintain full operations.

Audits & Evaluations

Platinum offers the most comprehensive audits and evaluations to assess concrete integrity.

Additional Parking Structure Services

  • Expansion joints
  • Fireproofing
  • Flashing
  • Full parking structure form and pours
  • Concrete strengthening (carbon fiber, composites)
  • Waterproofing membrane

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